Alexandra Crisbășan/Author at Cultartes Magazine/Freelance creator, graphic designer, writer, model and actress/Contributor at Liceul Cosmic/Content Specialist at F64.
Graduated Nicolae Tonitza, Fine Art High School (Graphics diploma) - Bucharest, Romania.
02.04.2017 Group/photography - “GOLD” - 2 year anniversary exhibition at Gallery
09.02.2017 Individual/photography - “Nightlight” - a wild exhibition - Club El Dictador, Bucharest, Romania.
11.12.2016 Group/photography “Dar din dar se face iarmaroc” - Club 99 - Charitable Fair, Bucharest, Romania.
08.06.2016 Group/graphics “Suntem oi, sau ne prefacem” - Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
Graphics Diploma (Group) - Nicolae Tonitza, Fine Arts High School.
5-15.05.2016 Group/photography “Art Safari 2016” - Dacia Palace/ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
02.04.2016 Group/photography “ULTRAMARIN” - Anniversary exhibition at Gallery, Bucharest Romania.
20.03.2016 Individual/graphics “Lexis, Thumos” - LOKAL, Bucharest, Romania
10.11.2015 - Group/photography - “Să dăm culoare vieții!” - #colectiv - Clubul Țăranului Român, Bucharest Romania.
25.08.2015 - Photography and Graphics - “HIMERE” - VSLO, Vama Veche.
04.05.2016 - Individual/Photography and Graphics - “PERSONA & IMAGO” - Gallery - National Organization of Contemporary Visual Arts, Bucharest, Romania.

07.12.2014 - Individual/Photography - “Demascați” - Berăria H, Bucharest, Romania
30.08.2014 - Photography - “BLUNT” - Vama sub lumini de oscar (VSLO) -  Vama Veche
13.03.2014 - Group/Graphics - “Demons In and Out” - SaintInk, Bucharest, Romania
Other Apparitions
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Myself Project by Radu Badoiu
“Mare Tranquillitatis” Katja Millay - published by Epica - Bookcovers
Romanian Punk - Model for Adrian Oianu
Sub25 Interview - “Leila și Alexandra”
Vice Interview - “Pe artiștii de 15 ani îi inspiră macabrul”
Before you contact me, take in consideration the following:

I do not work for free.
I do not work for politicians, I do not do political stuff unless they are pro fuck the system.
I do not do anything religious, unless it’s satirical and sinful.
I do not work with: manipulated hypocrites, obedient, enslaved, cheap and narrow-minded people, with fixated preconceptions.
My creation is made to sting and bite, do not ask me to do cute shit.
If you understand what I create, if you do not relate to the upper description and need:
1. A model for a project or a photoshoot
2. A photographer for events, photoshoots and projects,
(But no weddings please, or other conformist bullshit celebration)
3. Someone to make banners, posters, post-cards and other related graphic design stuff
4. Someone to paint or draw you certain things, for you, or your friends, for clothes, tattoos and anything else really (collages included)
5. A bitchy/macabre english-romanian writer
6. An actress for your movie or commercial (depends on the commercial, because I hate TV)

Feel free to contact me.
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