Illusions (Alternate Realities)
But we just love illusions so much. Alternate realities, everything which is not the world we are in. That’s why we’ve created the internet, maybe even not consciously at first. That’s why we write books and make movies and drawings, that’s why in that beautiful photographs you are viewing right now you see someone unearthly strange, beautiful, unreal, ugly, mad, terrifying being - may it be a man or a woman, when actually the “poor” model, nothing more than a regular person, having to change diapers or remaining with more month at the end of their money, or walking wasted home every night or, or, or.
My point is. We are so in love with what we understand and feel from everyday’s often unpleasant actions, or small, or plain, or beautiful happenings - they mean so much to us, that we are willing to worship, keep and savor them over and over again. They mean so much to us, that we dedicate our lives to them and this is not good or bad. Perhaps it’s solely a human trait, because being conscious of our mortality has unconscious repercussions. In a world where things move and die so fast, including yourself, how are you going to ever grasp something or many more things hard enough to take them all in, when all you have is merely a second?
Well this is how, by creating objects of our most memorable memories and finding ways to share them.
I mean, c’mon! Even the invention of a religious God is so similar, he’s a character like Deadpool after all, like all those novel, movie, tv series (you name it) characters you love or hate too. If somebody would have said “let’s worship Deadpool!” Some many years ago and then would written a book of “worshipping”, I think Deadpool would have had nowadays more adepts than Christianity, because it represents a parallel reality of thinking which a lot of people would adore.
We re-create what has marked us, because even if it is painful we still adore it. We adore it because it gives more clues of who and what we are, because it makes us feel alive. Everything created, was created from a root need of being alive, of understanding what alive is, so we can unriddle the mystery of death (another thing to grasp) if not in society then anywhere else. Where you can be you and be listened, noticed and accepted as what you are not as others want you to be, not as others can see. If you don’t show people, they might never see.
It’s so hard to understand someone solely, purely, fully. Just think about it. Can you really imagine what’s it like to see through someone else’s eyes? Smell with someone else’s nose? It’s basically the same thing, same mechanism. But it’s not you, it doesn’t feel like you.
And if you can’t see through someone else’s eyes how are you ever going to know them? You don’t even know yourself, you have never lived enough to know yourself, because it’s already been that second.
So we are trying to know through slower alternate realities, those which change when we order them to. Like a microscope in slow motion and time. Like we are the God we like to worship. Video games could be a good example of this kind of alternate reality.
I’m wondering what has happened with the world we started from and left behind though.
Will it one day disappear.
I’m glad I’m mortal.
But all senses are animal.
Human is only conscious.
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