Took some time off to go visit Matei in Milan and it was the perfect time to also test some gear.

Our trip started with Zam whom we randomly met with at the airport. As much as I love traveling, I swear I will never understand the unnecessarily obsessive precautions airports take. Why would I want to buy a bottle of water with the price of 3 bottles of waters because you just can’t simply figure out that most people just want to go somewhere.

Regardless of arguments, I must say that as long as we were born on this Earth, as long as we have two feet to walk, we should be able to go anywhere without a hassle. I perfectly understand society’s desire to make everyone puppets.
But let me drink my fucking water, okay? :))
Leaving joking aside, when we arrived, it started raining on our way from the airport to town.

What we could really learn from Italians is how to have at least one kind of non-stop transporting which WORKS and arrives fast.

We visited most of the city and I couldn’t help but notice that Italians are generally in good shape. Most fat or obese people are either immigrants or tourists.

Italians learn to cook, just as early as the Dutch learn to bike. They aren’t avid users of technology, so those two aspects make a great combo for staying in shape.
Speaking of food, I can proudly say I have learnt to cook Pizza and savoured the best Carbonara Spagetti (without cream, of course).
And speaking of tourists, here are the three rules of buying souvenirs and gifts from random sellers:
1. Never let sellers to “bribe” you with free stuff, they will ask for money after you accept the product.
2. They usually sell souvenirs more expensive than regular shops & also don’t shop in the central area. You can get the same stuff but cheaper in other parts.
3. If the price the seller tells you seems too high, negotiate! You can get to pay as little as half the price if. Alin’s sunglasses can confirm.
Students are a big deal, do shows, projects and have many opportunities.
See more photographs taken with Motorola Mozo Z with and without Hasselblad Zoom
The stereotype says that Italians drink a lot of coffee. While of course, I can’t deny the fact that they drink, I must say that they don’t drink as much as most of us think. While we have 1-2 solid cups per day, they might drink 3-4 small cups.
The quantity is about the same if you are a coffee lover.
Although what is different is that they value the quality of coffee (it’s delicious) and that’s why they would rather have smaller but stronger coffees.
The lovely girl from the picture above said that regular coffee tastes like some sort of tea to her.
But as a rather heavy coffee drinker, I must say that I was disappointed not be able to have a generous strong cup (especially because Italians know how to make a good one) anywhere in town unless I made it myself at

In Milan (but I think it’s the same for the whole country), you can’t just build your own house the way you want it. You must respect certain rules so it would fit the town’s design & architecture.
We Romanians, prefer to think that we can be anything, from doctors to lawyers, psychologists, artists, designers and architects. If the money is dirty it’s even better. But I’m telling you they leave traces in beautiful abandoned buildings contrasted with your newest kingdom of kitsch and office buildings.
I wanted so much to go on the Dome, but every single day there was a huge waiting line. Luckily, on our last day, this skater helped me to get a few shots,

Abandoned buildings can be used by anyone in any way. The state pays the electricity and as long as you don’t have to deal with an owner, you can do whatever you like!
As far as I understood this place was occupied by music students and each Wednesday & Friday, they have concerts and parties.
People have respect and are genuinely nice. I have lost count of the times I saw them helping each other. Strangers helping a mother carry her child or an old lady to croos the street. It does feel strange when you are not used to it.
There are certain subway trains from which you can see the whole tunnel while traveling.

All in all we had a great time and learnt a few things. We are now waiting to return.
As a summary, I will quote our friend Matei and say:
In Italiy we mainly ate and then we visited and partied and whatever. FOOD IS THE BASE, om nom nom!

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